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commentators are Murray Walker/James Hunt B.B.C

























13o Grande Premio do BrasilMarch 25th 1984Brazil BrazilJacarepagua
National Panasonic Grand Prix of South AfricaApril 7th 1984South Africa South AfricaKyalami Grand Prix Circuit
Grand Prix of BelgiumApril 29th 1984Belgium BelgiumCircuit Zolder, Omloop Terlamen Zolder
4o Gran Premio di San MarinoMay 6th 1984San Marino San MarinoAutodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari
Grand Prix de FranceMay 20th 1984France FranceCircuit de Dijon-Prenois
42e Grand Prix Automobile de MonacoJune 3rd 1984Monaco MonacoCircuit de Monaco
Grand Prix Labatt du CanadaJune 17th 1984Canada CanadaCircuit Gilles Villeneuve
United States Grand PrixJune 24th 1984USA USADetroit
United States Grand PrixJuly 8th 1984USA USAFair Park
John Player Special British Grand PrixJuly 22nd 1984Great-Britain Great-BritainBrands Hatch
Grosser Preis von DeutschlandAugust 5th 1984Germany GermanyHockenheimring
22. Grosser Preis von OsterreichAugust 19th 1984Austria AustriaOsterreichring
33e Grote Prijs van NederlandAugust 26th 1984The Netherlands The NetherlandsCircuit Park Zandvoort
55o Gran Premio d'ItaliaSeptember 9th 1984Italy ItalyAutodromo Nazionale di Monza
AvD-Grosser Preis von EuropaOctober 7th 1984Germany GermanyNurburgring
4o Grande Premio de PortugalOctober 21st 1984Portugal PortugalAutodromo do Estoril

1984 - Lauda, in a breathtaking final!

A novelty was the limit of 220 liters of fuel in the tank. But the teams used frozen fuel (!). By doing this they could use almost 15 liters more in the tank..., althought in many races some drivers had reduced turbo pressure to save fuel trying to finish the race. Another evolution was the elargement of eletronics for better control of the car, mainly the fuel injection. The prominance of the season was new McLaren, with a big supremacy. Designed by John Barnard, powered by Porsche Turbo, Michelin tyres and two great drivers: Lauda and Prost. Piquet and his Brabham-BMW were the quickest car, but they could finish only 5 races in points. Excelents performances for italians De Angelis (Renault-Turbo) and Alboreto (Ferrari-Turbo).

First ever pole for De Angelis. But in the lights Alboreto took the lead, while Lauda and Warwick (Renault-Turbo) touched wheels and Piquet let his engine off. After 11 laps, when it seemed Alboreto would control the race to the flag, he spun off due to brake fluid loss, so Lauda took the lead. Piquet already 7th, in a terrific recovering, had to stop with engine bad function. Then Lauda, with ignition failure, stopped in lap 38. Prost inherited the lead, but as he pit, Warwick (Renault-Turbo) came to first place. Otherwise, with only 10 laps to the final, his front suspension broke and Prost retook leadership and won. Rosberg (Williams-Honda) � 2nd, De Angelis -3rd, Cheever (Alfa Romeo) � 4th, Brundle (Tyrrell-Ford) � 5th and Tambay (Renault) 6th. Senna debut (Toleman-Hart Turbo) starting 14th, but had to stop just 8 laps after the green light.
First season�s pole for Piquet, who dominated the week-end until his engine blew up. So, Lauda could lead without any pressure. His team-mate, Prost, who started from the pit with T-car, made a great recovery, finishing 2nd. Warwick this time finished 3rd one lap down, but had two stops for tyres and raced last 20 laps with no clutch. Another 4th place for Alfa Romeo, this time with Patrese where group by 5th for De Cesaris (Ligier-Renault Turbo) and first point for Senna, 6th.
Two years after Gille�s fatal accident in Zolder and eighteen years after the last italian driver winning with Ferrari (L.Scarfiotti-Monza/66), Michele Alboreto could celebrate his own conquest in great style: pole and leading from lights to flag, more then 40 seconds ahead of Warwick (2nd)! Both McLaren had engines broken. Another points for Rosberg 4th and De Angelis 5th. Also first points for another promising driver: german S. Beloff (Tyrrell-Ford), made a fantastic race to finish in 6th place. Piquet was in 3rd, but his engine...
Second pole for Piquet, but Prost jumped to the front and led all race. Piquet, apparently saving fuel and engine, secured second position many laps. Suddenly, when it seemed he was pushing to catch Prost and escaping from Arnoux, settled fastest lap and...another broken engine! Lauda, Alboreto and Rosberg were also out. So Prost won easily, with Arnoux 2nd, De Angelis 3rd and Warwick 4th again in points. Another great race for Beloff with 5th and Boutsen 6th.
Fourth victory for McLaren, second for Lauda. But Tambay starting from pole, pushed very looking for his home town victory, but soon he had some brake problems and Lauda could take the lead. When the austrian went for pit, Tambay could lead again, giving all his best. But Lauda using new tyres, smahed his advantage and retook the lead from the french, who had to accept McLaren�s superiority. Prost finished 7th, due wheels problems. Once more De Angelis 5th and Rosberg 6th were in points, just behind Mansell (Lotus-Renault) and Arnoux.
This race will be forever remebered by the decision of the race director, Jacky Ickx. He interrupted the race in lap 31, due to dreadful weather conditions. Prost was leading with 8�0 ahead Senna and 20�0 of Beloff on that moment, but that difference were in 30�0 some laps before. Both young drivers were in a amazing demonstration of their incredibles abilities. The track was so wet, the visibility so awful, that even Beloff agreed with the decision, but Senna not! Prost would be regretten in the very last race of the season, as he collected only 4,5 points here, because the race ended with less than 50% of total.
Third pole for Piquet. But this time he wouldn�t have any problem and controlled all the race. He had a perfect week-end: pole, lead all race and marked fastest lap, scoring his first points of the season! Lauda 2nd and Prost 3rd.
It was necessary two starts to begin the race, as Mansell unskilfulness in the first one caused a bang in the first corner! In the second, Piquet (4th year�s pole), jumped in front and again could control all the race. Only six drivers survived to the final. Brundle (Tyrrell-Ford) was a superb 2nd, De Angelis 3rd, Fabi 4th, Prost 5th and Laffite (Williams-Honda) 6th. As in Canada, Brabham team were using new front oil radiator to guarantee better refrigeration to their engines, and it seemed that they were functioning very well!
Exactly in the half of the season, championship positions were: Prost � 35,5 where group by Lauda � 24 where group by De Angelis � 22 where group by Piquet � 18 where group by Arnoux � 16,5 where group by Warwick -14 where group by Rosberg � 11,5 and Alboreto � 9,5.
This was a unusual race: at last twelve drivers hit or brushed the wall, in a dirty and bump track. Rosberg got first Williams Honda-Turbo victory. Mansell and De Angelis dominated the practices, while Brundle had foot injuries in a big shunt on Friday. Mansell led until lap 35, when a little gearbox problem made him slow down. Rosberg commanded the race for 12 laps, but Prost overtook him, but seven laps later he scape...from the track, so Rosberg could led to the flag. Arnoux made a amazing recovering from last to be 2nd. Again De Angelis were in points in 3rd, Laffite 4th and P.Ghinzani (Osella-Alfa Romeo) marked the first ever championshiop points for the team and himself. Mansell, as would be usual on his great career, made a theatrical, but brave, scene: pushed his car to finished line and ...collapsed as wheather was very arid and hot!
Just after the start, Cheever, Patrese, Gartner (Osella-Alfa Romeo) and Alliot (Ram Hart) were envolved in an accident and only the italian were capable to continue. Piquet, who started from pole led until a small turbo pressure problem made him slow down, what allowed Prost took the lead. But Palmer (Ram-Hart) crashed heavily and the race was interrupted with eleven laps. Prost sustained his position in the re-start, but about twenty laps ahead, with gearbox problems, Lauda get the front and run to his 3rd victory of the season. Warwick 2nd, Senna 3rd (first ever podium finish), De Angelis 4th (eighth consecutive time in points), Alboreto 5th and Arnoux 6th.
De Angelis get the front at the green lights, with Prost and Piquet following him. But when it seemed he would fight for the victory the first time this year, had a engine broken. So, Piquet, who had passed Prost, took the front increasing this advantage until had gearbox failure. So, Prost could retake the lead, with Lauda in a comfortable 2nd place, and marked his 4th victory of the year. Senna had an big accident, when his rear wing broke in the back straight. Luckily he had no injuries.
From pole Piquet led until lap 39, when rear tyres excessive consumption made him slow down. But, previously at lap 28, he had demonstrated great ability to control his car, as he and Prost crossed De Angelis oil at Rindt�s corner getting sideways. Althoght Prost lost control of his car and shunt (he was driving with one hand due to shift crack). Lauda took the lead, but with few laps to flag, he suddenly slowed with gearbox problems. Somehow he got speed again, but was clearly in with big problems. Unbeliavable that nobody advised Piquet, in 2nd, to push the limit to catch Lauda...
Prost started from pole, but Piquet led however a lack oil pressure forced another abandonment. So, Prost managed to a easy-going 5th victory. Lauda was 2nd, followed by Mansell, De Angelis, Fabi and Tambay.
14 � ITALY
Once more Piquet led until engine problems took in out. Tambay, making his best race for Renault, with new engine specification, took the front and led for 28 laps. Lauda and Fabi were following him nearly. Then the french had a trottle failure at the same time Fabi had a engine broken, so Lauda could drive quiet easily to his 5th victory this season. Alboreto and Patrese complete the podium, followed by Johansson (Toleman-Hart), Gartner (Osella-Alfa Romeo) and Berger (ATS-BMW). Those three drivers took their first ever points in F1.
Prost won his 7th GP of the year and had a little help from his team-mate, Lauda. The austrian was in a usual recovering, starting from 15th place, when made a rarely mistake and spun. But he could return to finish 4th. Piquet, with excessive fuel consumption, had to cede the second place to Alboreto. So Prost and Lauda would fight for the tittle in the very last race, separed by only 3,5 points: Lauda � 66 and Prost � 62,5.
Piquet marked another pole, but eveyone were only looking for Prost, 2nd and Lauda, 11th. At the lights, Rosberg jumped from fourth to the lead, with Mansell 2nd, Prost 3rd. Lauda sustained his 11th place, but Piquet beyond a very bad start, lost control of his car and spun, completing the first lap in the last place! Rosberg led 9 laps, but Prost and Mansell overtook him. Lauda and Piquet were recovering very quick. Almost in the half of the race, Lauda was in 5th place, but very close to Rosberg, 4th and Senna 3rd, but more than 30 seconds behind Mansell, 2nd. Piquet was 14th. For Prost take the championship, he must win and Lauda get no more than 3rd place. But Lauda outpaced Rosberg and Senna, and started chasing Mansell. Finally at lap 51, Mansell with brakes failure, went out of the track and Lauda could reduce the difference drastically, also marking the fastest lap. Therefore Lauda surpassed Mansell for Prost disillusion. The impact for the french was so hard that the difference to Lauda came down from more than 30 to 13 seconds in the last 10 laps! Piquet got 6th place from Tambay in the final, with amazing recovering. Senna, 3rd and Alboreto, 4th were separated by only 0�275 seconds!
Third title for Lauda to be driver with the best decade results.
Curious facts
* Team Tyrrell and their drivers were throwed-out from championship, losing all their points. The decision was based in fuel sample analysis occurred just after Brundle�s 2nd place in USA-Detroit GP. Tyrrell appealed, but could only took part in four races until FISA final decision, even when J.Barnard (McLaren) and P.Head (Williams) attested in behalf of them!.
* Emerson Fittipaldi tested for Spirt-Hart during two days in Jacarepagu�, Brasil, but denied to sign with the team for the season.
* Just after the checkered flag in Brasil, Cheever stopped with no fuel. Exactly the same happened with his team-mate, Patrese, in South Africa. Both finishing 4th place with their Alfa Romeo!
* In San Marino, Ayrton Senna failed to qualify. On Friday his team had a big fight with Pirelli, when they want to break up their contract. On Saturday finally he went to the track, but had engine problems...
* In Brazil and San Marino team-mates, Piquet and Fabi, had their engines broken in the same lap: 32nd and 48th!
* Johhny Cecotto had a big accident in the practices of Great Britain GP. He had his legs and an ankle broken.
* Austria GP was the first one of the history to have only turbocharged cars in the grid, as both Tyrrell-Ford failed to qualify.
* Before Netherlands GP, Lotus announced that had signed a three year contract with Ayrton Senna. As punishment, Toleman team suspended the driver for next GP (Italy). But Ayrton�s decision was legally based in a contract clause, so the team had to accept his decision to break his three year contract with them and he was reitegrated at Europe GP.
* With his 1st place at Italy GP, Niki Lauda reached 24 victories, drawing with Fangio.
* Prost even Clark�s 1963 record with 7 victories in a season.
* Nelson Piquet recorded 9 seasons pole, even with Peterson (73) and Lauda (74-75).
* Team McLaren stabilished new season�s points record with 143,5 and also for victories: 12!
* Michelin decided to retire from F1 at the end of the season.
First appearance
* Drivers: A.Senna, S.Bellof, P.Alliot, F.Hesnault, C.Fabi, H.Rohtengatter, J.Gartner, G.Berger.

1984 Formula One season

The 1984 Formula One season was the 35th FIA Formula One World Championship season. It commenced on March 25, 1984, and ended on October 21 after sixteen races.

During the season, the Tyrrell team had its results stripped after a technical infringement.


 Season summary

The season had been expected to see a continuation of the Brabham-Renault-Ferrari battle, with supporting roles for McLaren, Honda and Lotus. McLaren however had stolen a march on its competitors thanks to its TAG turbo engine.

The FISA had introduced new fuel economy rules aimed at reducing speeds, providing 240 litres of fuel for the entire race. TAG commissioned German sports car manufacturer Porsche to design and build a turbo engine. Porsche had extensive experience with similar economy rules due to its participation in endurance racing and this translated in superior fuel economy.

Reigning world driver's champion Nelson Piquet and his Brabham-BMW were usually the fastest combination on track but appalling reliability meant he was never able to challenge consistently.

The season saw a titanic battle between both McLaren drivers Niki Lauda and Alain Prost. Prost had been sacked by Renault after failing to win the 1983 title. Fast and ambitious, the Frenchman quickly established his dominance over his teammate.

Austrian Niki Lauda had returned to F1 in 1982 and soon showed he had lost nothing of his earlier determination and guile. He regularly matched the pace of his 1982-1983 McLaren team mate John Watson, but Alain Prost was a different kettle of fish. Lauda quickly realized he could not beat his young team mate on speed. The wily Austrian therefore ignored qualifying and concentrated on his race strategies. By winning races when Prost ran into trouble and scoring relentlessly when Prost proved quicker, Lauda was just able to win the title. He was the only second driver after Denny Hulme in 1967 to have ever won the title without achieving a single pole position in the season.

Drivers and constructors

EntrantConstructorChassisEngineTyresNoDriverTest driver(s)
Flag of the United Kingdom MRD InternationalBrabhamBT53BMW M12/13 1.5 L4TM1Flag of Brazil Nelson PiquetFlag of Italy Paolo Barilla
2Flag of Italy Teo Fabi
Flag of Italy Corrado Fabi
Flag of Germany Manfred Winkelhock
Flag of the United Kingdom Tyrrell Racing OrganisationTyrrell012Ford Cosworth DFY 3.0 V8G3Flag of the United Kingdom Martin Brundlen/a
Flag of Sweden Stefan Johansson
4Flag of Germany Stefan Bellof
Flag of New Zealand Mike Thackwell
Flag of the United Kingdom Williams Grand Prix EngineeringWilliamsFW09
Honda RA163E 1.5 V6T
Honda RA164E 1.5 V6T
G5Flag of France Jacques Laffiten/a
6Flag of Finland Keke Rosberg
Flag of the United Kingdom Marlboro McLaren InternationalMcLarenMP4/2TAG TTE PO1 1.5 V6TM7Flag of France Alain Prostn/a
8Flag of Austria Niki Lauda
Flag of the United Kingdom Skoal Bandit Formula 1 TeamRAM01
Hart 415T 1.5 L4TP9Flag of France Philippe Alliotn/a
10Flag of the United Kingdom Jonathan Palmer
Flag of New Zealand Mike Thackwell
Flag of the United Kingdom John Player Team LotusLotus95TRenault EF4B 1.5 V6TG11Flag of Italy Elio de AngelisFlag of the United Kingdom Johnny Dumfries
12Flag of the United Kingdom Nigel Mansell
Flag of Germany Team ATSATSD7BMW M12/13 1.5 L4TP14Flag of Austria Gerhard Bergern/a
Flag of Germany Manfred Winkelhock
31Flag of Austria Gerhard Berger
Flag of France Equipe Renault ElfRenaultRS50Renault EF4 1.5 V6TM15Flag of France Patrick TambayFlag of Brazil Nelson Piquet
16Flag of the United Kingdom Derek Warwick
33Flag of France Philippe Streiff
Flag of the United Kingdom Barclay Nordica Arrows BMWArrowsA6
Ford Cosworth DFV 3.0 V8
BMW M12/13 1.5 L4T
G17Flag of Switzerland Marc SurerFlag of Finland Hannu Mikkola
18Flag of Belgium Thierry Boutsen
Flag of the United Kingdom Toleman Group MotorsportTolemanTG183B
Hart 415T 1.5 L4TP19Flag of Brazil Ayrton SennaFlag of the United Kingdom John Watson
Flag of Sweden Stefan Johansson
20Flag of Venezuela Johnny Cecotto
Flag of Italy Pierluigi Martini
Flag of Sweden Stefan Johansson
Flag of the United Kingdom Spirit RacingSpirit101B
Hart 415T 1.5 L4T
Ford Cosworth DFV 3.0 V8
P21Flag of Italy Mauro BaldiFlag of Brazil Emerson Fittipaldi
Flag of the Netherlands Huub Rothengatter
Flag of Italy Benetton Team Alfa RomeoAlfa Romeo184TAlfa Romeo 890T 1.5 V8TG22Flag of Italy Riccardo Patresen/a
23Flag of the United States Eddie Cheever
Flag of Italy Osella Squadra CorseOsellaFA1FAlfa Romeo 890T 1.5 V8TP24Flag of Italy Piercarlo Ghinzanin/a
30Flag of Austria Jo Gartner
Flag of France Ligier LotoLigierJS23
Renault EF4 1.5 V6TM25Flag of France François Hesnaultn/a
26Flag of Italy Andrea de Cesaris
Flag of Italy Scuderia Ferrari SpA SEFACFerrari126C4Ferrari 031 1.5 V6TG27Flag of Italy Michele Alboreton/a
28Flag of France René Arnoux

Season review

Round  ↓Race  ↓Date  ↓Location  ↓Winning driver  ↓Constructor  ↓Report  ↓
1Flag of Brazil Brazilian Grand PrixMarch 25JacarepaguáFlag of France Alain ProstMcLaren-TAGReport
2Flag of South Africa South African Grand PrixApril 7KyalamiFlag of Austria Niki LaudaMcLaren-TAGReport
3Flag of Belgium Belgian Grand PrixApril 29ZolderFlag of Italy Michele AlboretoFerrariReport
4Flag of San Marino San Marino Grand PrixMay 6ImolaFlag of France Alain ProstMcLaren-TAGReport
5Flag of France French Grand PrixMay 20DijonFlag of Austria Niki LaudaMcLaren-TAGReport
6Flag of Monaco Monaco Grand Prix1June 3MonacoFlag of France Alain ProstMcLaren-TAGReport
7Flag of Canada Canadian Grand PrixJune 17Circuit Gilles VilleneuveFlag of Brazil Nelson PiquetBrabham-BMWReport
8Flag of the United States Detroit Grand PrixJune 24DetroitFlag of Brazil Nelson PiquetBrabham-BMWReport
9Flag of the United States Dallas Grand PrixJuly 8DallasFlag of Finland Keke RosbergWilliams-HondaReport
10Flag of the United Kingdom British Grand PrixJuly 22Brands HatchFlag of Austria Niki LaudaMcLaren-TAGReport
11Flag of Germany German Grand PrixAugust 5HockenheimringFlag of France Alain ProstMcLaren-TAGReport
12Flag of Austria Austrian Grand PrixAugust 19ÖsterreichringFlag of Austria Niki LaudaMcLaren-TAGReport
13Flag of the Netherlands Dutch Grand PrixAugust 26ZandvoortFlag of France Alain ProstMcLaren-TAGReport
14Flag of Italy Italian Grand PrixSeptember 9MonzaFlag of Austria Niki LaudaMcLaren-TAGReport
15Flag of Europe European Grand PrixOctober 7NürburgringFlag of France Alain ProstMcLaren-TAGReport
16Flag of Portugal Portuguese Grand PrixOctober 21EstorilFlag of France Alain ProstMcLaren-TAGReport
  1. ^  Half points awarded. Race stopped due to dangerous conditions.

 1984 Constructors Championship final standings

Constructors' points were awarded on a 9-6-4-3-2-1 basis to the first six finishers in each round.

1Flag of the United Kingdom McLaren-TAGMP4/2TAG Porsche P01M143.512183
2Flag of Italy Ferrari126C4Ferrari 031G57.5181
3Flag of the United Kingdom Lotus-Renault95TRenault EF4BG47
4Flag of the United Kingdom Brabham-BMWBT53BMW M12/13M38259
5Flag of France RenaultRE50Renault EF4M34
6Flag of the United Kingdom Williams-HondaFW09
Honda RA163EG25.512
7Flag of the United Kingdom Toleman-HartTG183B
Hart 415TP


8Flag of Italy Alfa Romeo184TAlfa Romeo 890TG11
9Flag of the United Kingdom Arrows-BMWA7BMW M12/13G3

10Flag of France Ligier-RenaultJS23
Renault EF4M3

11Flag of the United Kingdom Arrows-FordA6Ford Cosworth DFVG3

12Flag of Italy Osella-Alfa RomeoFA1E
Alfa Romeo 890TP2

13Flag of the United Kingdom Spirit-Hart101
Hart 415TP

14Flag of the United Kingdom Spirit-Ford101CFord Cosworth DFVP

15Flag of Germany ATS-BMWD7BMW M12/13P

16Flag of the United Kingdom RAM-Hart01
Hart 415TP

DSQFlag of the United Kingdom Tyrrell-Ford012Ford Cosworth DFYG

  • On 18 July, Tyrrell was disqualified from all races so far that season, and banned from competing in remaining races, because the team had run illegal cars

1984 Drivers Championship final standings

Drivers' Championship points were awarded on a 9-6-4-3-2-1 basis to the first six finishers in each round.

Flag of Brazil
Flag of South Africa
Flag of Belgium
Flag of San Marino
Flag of France
Flag of Monaco
Flag of Canada
Flag of the United States
Flag of the United States
Flag of the United Kingdom
Flag of Germany
Flag of Austria
Flag of the Netherlands
Flag of Italy
Flag of Europe
Flag of Portugal
1Flag of Austria Niki LaudaRet1RetRet1Ret2RetRet121214272
2Flag of France Alain Prost12Ret17134RetRet1Ret1Ret1171.5
3Flag of Italy Elio de Angelis3753554234RetRet4RetRet534
4Flag of Italy Michele AlboretoRet111RetRet6RetRetRet5Ret3Ret22430.5
5Flag of Brazil Nelson PiquetRetRet9RetRetRet11Ret7Ret2RetRet3629
6Flag of France René ArnouxRetRet32435Ret266711Ret5927
7Flag of the United Kingdom Derek WarwickRet324RetRetRetRetRet23RetRetRet11Ret23
8Flag of Finland Keke Rosberg2Ret4Ret64RetRet1RetRetRet8RetRetRet20.5
9Flag of Brazil Ayrton SennaRet66DNQRet27RetRet3RetRetRet
10Flag of the United Kingdom Nigel MansellRetRetRetRet3Ret6Ret6Ret4Ret3RetRetRet13
11Flag of France Patrick Tambay5Ret7Ret2Ret
12Flag of Italy Teo FabiRetRetRetRet9

13Flag of Italy Riccardo PatreseRet4RetRetRetRetRetRetRet12Ret10Ret3688
14Flag of France Jacques LaffiteRetRetRetRet88Ret54RetRetRetRetRetRet145
15Flag of Belgium Thierry Boutsen612Ret511DNQRetRetRetRetRet5Ret109Ret5
16Flag of the United States Eddie Cheever4RetRet7RetDNQ11RetRetRetRetRet139Ret173
17Flag of Sweden Stefan Johansson

18Flag of Italy Andrea de CesarisRet5Ret610RetRetRetRet107RetRetRet7123
19Flag of Italy Piercarlo GhinzaniRetWDRetDNQ127RetRet59RetRetRet7RetRet2
20Flag of Switzerland Marc Surer798RetRetDNQRetRetRet11Ret6RetRetRetRet1
NCFlag of Austria Jo Gartner


NCFlag of Austria Gerhard Berger

NCFlag of France François HesnaultRet10RetRet
NCFlag of Italy Corrado Fabi


NCFlag of Italy Mauro BaldiRet8Ret8RetDNQ

NCFlag of Germany Manfred WinkelhockDSQRetRetRetRetRet8Ret8RetRet
NCFlag of the United Kingdom Jonathan Palmer8Ret10913DNQ
NCFlag of the Netherlands Huub Rothengatter


NCFlag of Venezuela Johnny CecottoRetRetRetNCRetRet9RetRetDNQ

NCFlag of France Philippe AlliotRetRetDNQRetRetDNQ10Ret

NCFlag of the United Kingdom Martin BrundleDSQRetDSQDSQDSQDNQDSQDSQDNQ

NCFlag of New Zealand Mike Thackwell



NCFlag of France Philippe Streiff

NCFlag of Italy Pierluigi Martini


Flag of Brazil
Flag of South Africa
Flag of Belgium
Flag of San Marino
Flag of France
Flag of Monaco
Flag of Canada
Flag of the United States
Flag of the United States
Flag of the United Kingdom
Flag of Germany
Flag of Austria
Flag of the Netherlands
Flag of Italy
Flag of Europe
Flag of Portugal

Half points were awarded at the Monaco Grand Prix as less than 75% of the scheduled distance was completed.

Silver2nd place
Bronze3rd place
GreenPoints finish
BlueNon-points finish
Non-classified finish (NC)
PurpleDid not finish (Ret)
RedDid not qualify (DNQ)
Did not pre-qualify (DNPQ)
BlackDisqualified (DSQ)
WhiteDid not start (DNS)
Race cancelled (C)
Light bluePracticed only (PO)
Friday test driver (TD)
(from 2003 onwards)
BlankDid not practice (DNP)
Excluded (EX)
Did not arrive (DNA)
Withdrew entry before the event (WD)
1Flag of Austria Niki Lauda87259
2Flag of France Alain Prost771.5793
3Flag of Italy Elio de Angelis1134
4Flag of Italy Michele Alboreto2730.5141
5Flag of Brazil Nelson Piquet129249
6Flag of France René Arnoux2827
7Flag of the United Kingdom Derek Warwick1623
8Flag of Finland Keke Rosberg620.512
9Flag of Brazil Ayrton Senna1913
10Flag of the United Kingdom Nigel Mansell1213
11Flag of France Patrick Tambay1511
12Flag of Italy Teo Fabi29
13Flag of Italy Riccardo Patrese228
14Flag of France Jacques Laffite55

15Flag of Belgium Thierry Boutsen185

16Flag of the United States Eddie Cheever233

17Flag of Sweden Stefan Johansson203

18Flag of Italy Andrea de Cesaris263

19Flag of Italy Piercarlo Ghinzani242

20Flag of Switzerland Marc Surer171


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